The very highest standards for all cosmetic procedures

iMed Istanbul is a medical agency specialising in cosmetic and aesthetic medical procedures for patients who come to us from all over the world, especially European countries. Look beyond our attractive fees and you will discover that the very highest standards are maintained from start to finish, with all surgical procedures carried out by fully qualified and highly skilled surgeons.

No long waiting period for cosmetic surgery

iMed Istanbul aims to provide exactly the same cosmetic and aesthetic medical procedures that you can get at home but at a far more affordable price, and without there being a long waiting list. Our attractive prices also mean you won’t have to wait for ages while you save up for a procedure either. There is a reason why ‘medical tourism’ has become so popular these days, and iMed Istanbul exemplifies exactly why coming to us makes so much sense

Growing worldwide reputation for aesthetic procedures

iMed Istanbul is establishing a worldwide reputation for excellence and affordability for cosmetic surgical procedures. It is important to us that you are delighted with the work of our surgeons as our growing reputation depends on it.

Discrete, personal and stress-free environment

Here at iMed Istanbul we recognise and understand that most forms of cosmetic surgery are chosen for very personal reasons. Beyond the high quality of our surgeons and specialists, there is one other great reason coming to Istanbul for your cosmetic procedure makes so much sense. You may not want to go back to work or socialise with friends until signs you have had surgery, or a procedure have disappeared. At home, this would mean staying indoors and getting bored. Instead, combining your procedure with a relaxing holiday in this wonderful city will make for a very memorable experience.

Coming to Turkey for a cosmetic procedure – the facts

The results of two Medical Tourism Surveys* show that of all those who travel abroad for a cosmetic procedure, 90% would have no hesitation in doing it again. The surveys also reveal that Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for ‘medical tourists’ who come from the UK, Europe and the UAE. (*Source:

Advantages Of iMed Istanbul

iMed Istanbul is the leading company in Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Surgery, your treatment will be performed by highly experienced doctors

iMed Istanbul puts “no harm to patient” as her first focus. If you are not suitable for hair transplantations, if you are too young to do the operation, if you are not likely to get successful results or if you have risks specific to your situation; iMed Istanbul doctors will inform you or refuse to do operation on you even when it means loosing money for the company.

iMed Istanbul will support you for 1 year after your operation. You will have a dedicated medical advisor to answer your questions after your surgery and we will be calling you every month to monitor the hair growth after transplantation.

You will never have any surprise costs or last minute changes.

iMed Istanbul will not promise exaggerated results or give fake graft numbers, other clinics can give you bigger promises and higher graft numbers. This is not because they are better trained or more experienced. iMed Istanbul will only promise you what is possible and true. You are welcomed to take pictures and count grafts in the operation room

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