This procedure involves the insertion of a silicone implant or fat injected in the calf area of the leg to create a more defined shape.

Reasons for considering calf prosthesis or calf augmentation surgery

Calf augmentation surgery is a common procedure for those who have a weak lower leg shape. This can be the result of genetics, an illness such as polio or club foot, or as the result of an accident. There is also the situation where your calves aren’t symmetrical, and calf augmentation one calf can resolve this issue. As we live in a society which is so conscious of the way people look, if our legs aren’t perfect, then there is one normal solution. To wear trousers. For a woman, this can be very restricting, especially during summer months when skirts and shorts are more appropriate. This doesn’t help any of you who may be suffering from self-consciousness as it only conceals the problem.

How calf augmentation procedures are performed

Depending on the severity of the ‘deformity’, there are two principle options available to enhance the shape of one or both of your calves. If the intention is to create better definition and a mild augmentation to the size of one or both calves, you can opt for a fat injection procedure. This is very similar in nature to a Brazilian butt lift or hip augmentation procedure where excess fat is removed by liposuction from one part of your body, purified in a centrifuge, and then injected into your calf region.

The alternative procedure involves the insertion of a silicone implant, very much in the same way as a breast augmentation procedure. A small incision is made in the location of the calf where augmentation to the shape is required. The implant is manoeuvered into position and the incision sutured shut.

If you have travelled from afar and have opted an all-inclusive package, you will be collected from your hotel and taken to the hospital for your procedure and, once discharged, you will be driven back to your hotel as part of our all-inclusive service.

Post-operative care for a calf augmentation procedure

The operation will be carried out under general anaesthetic, and you will likely spend at least one night in hospital

You will have a consultation with the surgeon the day after your procedure, and further checkups prior to you leaving Istanbul. Pressure bandages may need to be worn for a few days after the procedure to reduce swelling. Whilst the results of calf augmentation are immediate, they are also accompanied by post-operative swelling, and it can take several weeks for everything to settle down to the desired look.

Minimum movement is suggested for the first two days after the procedure, and then only sedate movement for the next seven days. You should be able to return to normal after two weeks, though sports and running should be avoided for at least six weeks

If you have any questions you would like to ask before booking your cosmetic surgery procedure with us, please get in contact and we will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need.

Treatment Plan

Stay in Turkey

5 Days

Stay in Hospital

1 or 2 nights in hospital

Operation Type

General anesthesia


It is recommended you have a companion with you as you should not be left on your own for the first 24 hours after a general anaesthetic.

Surgery Time

2-4 Hours

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