Masteopexy involves the reshaping of a sagging breast to create a more-pert and more-rounded form.

Reasons for choosing masteopexy, or breast lift surgery

Sagging or saggy breasts can lead to considerable self-confidence issues in women and this type of corrective breast surgery is specifically aimed at eliminating negative body image effects. While it is easy to consider the aging process and childbirth as the main reasons for drooping breasts, this can occur naturally and from a young age, especially in fuller breasts.

Benefits of masteopexy, or breast lift surgery

The greatest benefits of breast lift surgery are predominantly psychological. Today we live in a society that is exceptionally image-focused and how we look has never been so important. Social media is full of images of 'celebrities' and if we do not measure up to how these people look we are seen as not having 'the perfect body'. If you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts and you feel they are too droopy or sagging, you are far from alone. We have successfully performed this procedure many times, and we are confident we can help restore your self-confidence.

Sagging breasts, especially fuller ones, can have a big influence on the clothes you wear, and how comfortable you may feel, especially during summer when you want to wear less clothing. Add trips to the beach or taking the kids swimming,  these are all situations where you want to be able to enjoy yourself fully, and not worry about how your body looks.

To conclude comes to a more personal and intimate matter, and that is your love life or sex life. Here at iMed Istanbul, we know that fears of being ‘unattractive’ to your partner can have a considerable effect on your libido and enjoyment. With a successful breast lift procedure, that can all change for the better.

What is involved in a masteopexy or breast lift procedure?

This is one of the more complex mammoplasty procedures. While the overall result will be similar, how the procedure takes place can vary considerably with every patient. 

One of the variants of sagging or droopy breasts is the moving of the nipple. In some cases, the nipple will remain on the front of the breast but lower down, or the nipple can point downwards on the lowest part of the breast. In most situations,  masteopexy will include the detachment and reattachment of the nipple. But in most cases, the full sensation of the nipple will return.

For those who think that masteopexy end the possibility of breastfeeding, this is not the case either. Because here at iMed Istanbul our surgeons are highly skilled and use the most up-to-date surgical techniques.

If you have traveled from afar and have opted for an all-inclusive package, you will be transferred from your hotel to the hospital. When the procedure is finished you will be driven back to your hotel as part of our all-inclusive service.

Should you have any questions you would like to ask before booking your masteopexy procedure with us, please get in contact and we will be happy to provide you with all the answers you need.

Post-operative care for masteopexy, or breast lift surgery

Your surgeon will carry out a thorough examination the day after your operation to ensure that everything is good. Follow-up checks will be made before you depart from Istanbul, and any non-dissolving stitches will be removed.

Unlike breast augmentation surgery, breast masteopexy requires longer-term post-operative care as it is a more invasive form of surgery.

During the following four days, you will receive follow-up appointments with your surgeon for check-ups to ensure that the operation has been successful and that there is no sign of post-operative infection.

Immediately after the operation, a drain is inserted into the wound for 24-48 hours to release any fluid build-up. This drain is easily and painlessly removed.

You are advised not to return to work for at least one week after surgery, depending on the nature of your work. If your work is ‘sedate’ and does not involve any physical activity.

A medical support bra (provided) should be worn for the first four weeks after the operation to reduce the size of your breasts. During this period, it is important to avoid any strenuous body movement involving your arms or upper torso, especially lifting. Brisk walking is recommended during this period to maintain your general health.

Light activities can be resumed after six weeks, and life should return to normal within a one-to-three-month period when all swelling and bruising have disappeared.

Six months after surgery your breasts should have settled into their final post-operative shape.

Treatment Plan

Minimum stay in Turkey

6 Days (5 nights)

Stay in Hospital

Usually one night’s stay in hospital

Operation Type

General anaesthesia

Surgery Time

2 – 4 Hours (or longer depending on the level of lift required)

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